Comparing Paintless Dent Repair With Traditional Dent Repair

Dents are a frustrating thing to deal with as a car owner. Whether it’s a door ding, hail damage, or an extensive dent from an accident, finding the right dent repair is crucial. Paintless dent repair is a repair method that helps to massage the dent back into place without any body work or painting. In today’s blog post, Cox Collision will look at paintless dent repair and compare it to traditional dent repair.

What Is Paintless Dent Repair?

Most dent repair is completed through body work and painting solutions. With paintless dent repair, it’s all in the name. This form of dent repair does not require traditional repair work, such as bonding, sanding, and painting because it massages the metal back into its original shape. This requires specific training and tools, so it should be done by the professionals and not attempted at home. This repair is good for small and large dents alike, although sharper dents might require traditional dent repair.

What Is Traditional Dent Repair?

Traditional or conventional dent repair is a much longer and more extensive process than paintless dent repair. It requires sanding, filling, and painting to remove the dent. This starts with sanding the paint off and banging the metal back into its original shape. When that is completed, putty is used to fill any remaining spaces before it is once again sanded and repainted. Repainting requires primer, a base coat, and then a final coat of paint. Naturally, traditional dent repair is more expensive and takes longer than paintless options.

Which Repair Is Better?

Paintless dent repair is better than traditional dent repair in most cases. If it is an option, you should look for paintless repair. Some situations might require traditional dent repair, such as sharp dents and more extensive dents. However, paintless dent repair is often an option, and it is both cheaper and more effective. If you are given the opportunity to avoid traditional dent repair via paintless solutions, you should take advantage of that opportunity.

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