Hail Damage Repair

at Cox Collision

If you own a car, there is nothing more frustrating than hail damage. If you live in an apartment complex or you don’t have access to a garage, hail damage is, in many cases, truly unpreventable. When unpredictable weather could damage your vehicle at any time, reliable and affordable hail damage repair can be a lifesaver. At Cox Collision, we want to help you repair your vehicle quickly at a price you can afford.

Paintless Dent Repair

Hail damage repair has always been a tricky repair service. Rather than having one dent to deal with, car owners are forced to deal with many smaller dents, making the repair process tedious and extensive. At Cox Collision, we can use paintless dent repair to repair any and all hail damage to your vehicle, whether its five dents or 50 dents.

Why Choose Cox Collision?

Hail damage repair can be tedious, invasive, and most importantly, expensive. At Cox Collision, we want to go the extra mile for our customers, restoring your vehicle back to its original condition. While other body shops hire out-of-shop repair solutions, Cox Collision is your one-stop-shop for collision and hail damage repair services.

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