Door Ding Repair: How to Avoid Door Dings

You just finished grocery shopping after a long day at work. You’re ready to head home, make dinner, and enjoy a restful, stress-free evening. You load up your vehicle and put your groceries in the cargo area. When you reach for the door handle, you find a ding, scratch, or small dent on the driver’s side door. You stop for a second, make sure you’re seeing this properly, and then sigh in frustration. While there are a variety of door ding repair options, the best door ding repair is actually preventative. Cox Collision’s door ding repair expert discusses three practical ways to avoid door dings in today’s blog post.

Leave Extra Spaces

Establish a buffer zone between you and the next-closest car to prevent door dings in a parking lot. Sometimes this isn’t possible, and sometimes this technique is inconvenient if you have to park far away from the building entrance. However, you should ask yourself if walking the extra distance is worth preventing door ding repair in the future. Try to put at least one empty space in between your vehicle and the next vehicle when you’re parking and extra spaces are available. If possible, give yourself several spaces to work with because other cars may park while you’re inside.

Find a Parking Space on the End

Another good way to prevent door dings is to find a space at the end of a row. This protects at least one side of your vehicle from door dings when someone else opens their door. You’re also less likely to have another car beside you at the end of a row. This is particularly true if you park far away from the door. It might require a little bit of extra walking, but the walk is worth it to avoid a door ding and future door ding repair. We could all use a bit more exercise in our lives!

Steer Clear of Grocery Cart Corrals

Grocery stores represent the most common place where drivers get door dings. It’s not other people’s cars that are the reason for this. Grocery carts scrape against the side of a car door and cause a telltale ding, dent, or discolored line. With that being said, do the best you can to avoid parking next to grocery cart corrals. This is a simple numbers game. If you’re parked next to a grocery cart corral, shoppers move more grocery carts past your vehicle. Avoiding corrals altogether can help you prevent door ding repair in the long run.

Contact Cox Collision for Door Ding Repair

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