Major Collision Repair: Hidden Problems Caused By Rear-End Collisions

According to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), 40% of the total traffic accidents in the United States each year involve a rear-end collision — the most common type of collision in America. While most are not serious, they still often result in damage. Some of the damage caused by rear-end collisions can result in some long-term, hidden complications. In today’s blog post, Cox Collision explains some hidden problems that require major collision repair after rear-end collisions. 

Trunk Malfunctions

If you were rear-ended, your bumper likely took much of the damage. However, in many vehicles, the trunk can also be damaged in a rear-end collision. There are many malfunctions that your trunk might face as a result of a rear-end collision, including lid and lock problems. 

Trunk latches often get damaged in rear-end collisions, which can cause the trunk to open unexpectedly. A damaged latch can also mean a damaged lock. These might seem like minor issues, but if your vehicle needed major collision repair, these might be hidden problems. 

Electric Malfunctions

Many vehicles have sound systems in the trunk, and in the event of major collision repair, the collision might have been severe enough to damage those systems. That is one of a few electrical malfunctions that can happen after a rear-end collision. Brake and tail lights can also suffer from electrical damage if you are rear-ended, so make sure to check the wiring, lens, and bulbs when your vehicle is repaired.

Alignment Malfunctions

Nearly every major collision repairs include some sort of realignment. In rear-end collisions, your wheels can be brought out of alignment. This can cause your vehicle to fade to the left or the right when driving, as well as impact your steering ability. A misaligned wheel is a hidden problem that not only makes your vehicle more difficult to handle but also makes it more dangerous to drive.

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