Paintless Dent Repair: The Most Difficult Dents to Remove

When it comes to dent repair, not all dents are the same. Some are more severe, some are on difficult locations on the car, and some require different repairs. Some dents are minor enough that do-it-yourself options are possible, while most dents are severe enough to require professional help. In today’s blog post, the paintless dent repair experts at Cox Collision will shine some light on these different types of dents as we look at three of the most difficult dents to remove.

Sharp Dents

Sharp dents are one of the few dents that most often cannot be removed via paintless dent repair. These dents occur along the body lines of the car and are often deeper than round dents. They are also tighter than round dents, making them harder to repair, especially if they are in a difficult spot. For instance, when a sharp dent is found along the front crease of your door, it can be hard to repair. These dents are often caused in parking lots, when car doors are opened and hit another car’s door.

Severe Dents

Naturally, severe dents are more difficult to repair than minor dents. While paintless dent repair can repair many different kinds of dents, the more severe the dent is, the less likely that it will be repairable without bodywork. For example, if you are involved in a side collision, or a t-bone collision, your car will likely come away with a significant dent that will require major body repair, not paintless dent repair. While we don’t often associate this type of damage with a dent, that is exactly what it is.

Corner Dents

Dents to the corners of your vehicle are often difficult to repair for several reasons. First, there isn’t a clear access point. With a door, you can simply open the door and work through the panel. The same goes for your hood. However, with a corner dent, there isn’t an easy way to massage the dent with paintless dent repair. Corner dents are also on an angled surface, making it more difficult for technicians to work through the dent. When a dent is made on a door, they have plenty of flat surface area to work with. When it comes to corner dents, that’s not the case.

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