Three Common Forms of Minor Collision Repair

While minor collision repair is naturally less serious than major collision repair, it shouldn’t be overlooked. There are many different collision repair solutions, each depending on the severity of the damage. At Cox Collision, we deal with many cases of minor collision repair, and we have the experience to deliver the right solutions. Our paintless dent repair services are an efficient and cost-effective way to repair your vehicle after a minor accident. In today’s blog post, we’ll explain three common types of minor collision damage. 

Door Dings

Few things are more frustrating to car owners than door dings. The nature of the damage almost always makes it someone else’s fault. In other words, if you find your car in the parking lot with a door ding, it was almost certainly another person who did the damage to your vehicle. Unfortunately, collision repair services, even for minor repairs, can be expensive. Door dings are no exception, which is what makes Cox Collision’s affordable paintless dent repair service so valuable.


Scratches aren’t typically too difficult to repair, but that ultimately depends on the severity of the scratch. A deep paint scratch is more expensive because it will require more comprehensive paint repair. A minor, isolated scratch, however, can be repaired and filled much more easily. Minor scratches aren’t as deep and don’t require paint or body work, which are two of the costliest exterior repairs in the industry. 

Hail Damage

Hail damage is especially frustrating for car owners who live in apartment complexes because they are often helpless if a hail storm hits. The best way to prevent hail damage is to have a garage or cover, and many people who live in apartments don’t have that. If your car is exposed to hail damage, paintless dent repair is the most effective and affordable repair option. However, hail damage is trickier because you don’t just have one dent to deal with. 

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