Cox Collision Explains the Most Common Days and Times for Car Accidents

You have plenty of hazards to be aware of when you’re driving. There are cars and other drivers in motion, pedestrians, animals, parked vehicles, bicycles, objects in the road, and dangerous weather conditions. You must pay attention at all times despite your phone ringing, kids being loud in the back seat, and the fact that you had a long day at work. Today’s blog from Cox Collision explains the most common days and times for car accidents.

Time of Day

Most car crashes occur between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m., according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This makes sense because people get off work and parents pick up kids from school. Not only is there an increase in traffic, but you also have to contend with drivers in a hurry to reach their destination amid higher levels of traffic. Cox Collision can help you with your collision repair in the Springfield, Missouri, area.

Day of the Week

Despite increases in traffic on weekdays, which people come to expect, Saturday is the most accident-prone day of the week because more people than usual are out and about. This is when people go shopping, spend time with family, eat out, and engage in weekend activities. Teenage drivers are also out, and there is another driving issue to watch for: drunk drivers. Saturday is a prime day for going to bars and nightclubs, which means elevated danger when those drivers get behind the wheel. Cox Collision is available to help you on Monday morning following any weekend collisions.

Time of Year

As you might expect, summer marks the high point for collisions, accidents, and collision repair in the United States. Children are out of school, families take summer vacations, and teenagers drive to and from their jobs. The days between Memorial Day and Labor Day see the most accidents of any other time of year. Come and see Cox Collision during the summer months if you have a fender-bender.


The most common location for a car accident: a parking lot within 5 miles of your home. One main reason is that when you go shopping or run weekly errands, you stay relatively close to home. In parking lots, there are plenty of hazards to account for, such as another car backing out of a spot, a driver not paying attention to your vehicle when looking for a spot, or you may need to suddenly avoid a pedestrian. You may also get a door ding from a car parked next to yours that’s a bit too close. Cox Collision can fix your door ding in a snap!

Cox Collision Performs Collision Repairs in Springfield, MO

Turn to Cox Collision if you need any type of collision repair, whether it’s a major collision, minor fender-bender, or a simple door ding. Our experts will have your car back to you in no time, and we work with your insurance company to make the process as painless as possible. Contact Cox Collision or call (417) 877-0077 for more information.