Ozarks’ Spring Driving Safety Tips From Cox Collision

It’s spring in the Ozarks. Trees are starting to bloom, rain is falling every other day, and the temperatures are warming up. Spring in southwest Missouri is also when more families hit the road for scenic drives to enjoy nature and sunshine. Today’s blog from Cox Collision showcases some spring driving safety tips for the Ozarks.

Slow Down on Curves

Rural areas of the Ozarks feature some beautiful rolling hills among farmlands and verdant meadows. If the pavement is dry, you may feel inclined to go fast or drive the speed limit. Make sure you slow down along the curves and follow the recommended speeds as posted before the curves happen. Cox Collision wants you to enjoy your scenic drive safely!

Wear Sunglasses

Springtime is when the sun rises and sets nearly due east and west. When you’re driving just as the sun comes up or when it goes down, driving can be a challenge with the sun shining directly in your eyes. Wear sunglasses to mitigate any problems with glare caused by sunlight to avoid collisions with oncoming traffic.

Watch for Animals

Spring is when animals come out from their winter hibernation. Spring and fall are both prime times for animal collisions and deer strikes at Cox Collision. Deer, rabbits, squirrels, turtles, opossums, turkeys, and more come out and cross the roads. Slow down and watch for animals as you sojourn through our beautiful back roads and highways.

Reduce Speed During Heavy Rain

Heavy rain lowers your visibility. It might be hard to see through your windshield, even with your wipers on their fastest setting. Reduce your speed during heavy rain so you don’t slide off the road or hit another car. Not only do you have reduced sightlines, but roads are slick and other motorists may not see you.

Look Out for Potholes

Potholes occur when cold weather causes cracks in the pavement. The cracks expand and create holes in roadways. Cox Collision does see some cases of body and wheel damage when cars hit potholes at higher speeds. Slow down when you see potholes to avoid damage to your undercarriage.

Keep an Eye on Motorcycles

Motorcyclists love the spring weather, and they flock to roads en masse when warm, sunny days return to the Ozarks. Watch out for motorcycles. It’s hard to see them because they are smaller than cars. Share the road. Pay attention to motorcycles when you’re out and about.

Spring Driving & Cox Collision

Enjoy the Ozarks’ highways and byways safely this spring with these tips from Cox Collision. We provide comprehensive collision repair services, including hail damage repair, major collision repair, and door ding repair. Contact Cox Collision or call (417) 877-0077 for more information.