How Do Auto Shops Complete Hail Damage Repair?

If you don’t have a garage or covering for your vehicle, hail damage is always a looming threat. What are your hail damage repair options when a hail storm strikes and leaves your car dented? Auto shops have been fixing and repairing hail damage for years using a variety of different techniques. In today’s blog, Cox Collision examines some of the ways that auto shops complete hail damage repair.

Why DIY Solutions Won’t Cut It

Hail damage is notoriously difficult to fix because there aren’t any effective do-it-yourself options. Unlike typical dent repairs, hail damage is more comprehensive. You don’t deal with just one large dent. Instead, you have many small dents all over your vehicle. Not only are DIY options challenging to find, but they’re also difficult and time-consuming to complete. DIY solutions simply aren’t going to cut it when it comes to hail damage repair. Seek out professional help and avoid this headache altogether.

Conventional Solutions

The most common and conventional hail damage repair solution involves bodywork that includes paint. The technician removes the paint on the affected area, pulls out the dents, and then paints over the repaired areas. This is a good option for major jobs, but it’s more costly than paintless dent repair and takes significantly longer. It also requires bodywork rather than restoring the vehicle to its previous condition.

Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless dent repair is the hail damage repair method used by Cox Collision because it’s the most efficient method. Rather than fixing the dents through extensive body repair, paintless dent repair restores the surface to its previous condition. It also provides a quicker turnaround time and more affordability thanks to cheaper labor and material costs. This hail damage repair method is especially beneficial because you typically have multiple dents. Bodywork for multiple dents can add up quickly and cost much more with traditional solutions.

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