The Importance of Estimates in Collision Repair

No one likes getting into a car accident or getting hail damage on their vehicle. Serious damage to your car means you have to worry about how you’re getting to work, how much the repairs cost, and if your car will be in the same condition it was previously. Getting an estimate is a trying process because you want affordable collision repair and a complete fix for the damage. Cox Collision shines some light on the estimate process and the importance of your collision repair estimate in today’s blog.

What Is Included in a Collision Repair Estimate?

After the car accident or whatever event damaged your vehicle, you must quickly assess the extent of the damage. A collision repair estimate is the best way to do that. An estimate is exactly what it sounds like: an approximation of how much a repair shop believes it will cost to repair your vehicle. An estimate may also determine that your car doesn’t need any repairs or that your vehicle is totaled. An estimate usually comes from your insurance company, and it’s a quick process. It is important to remember, however, that getting an estimate doesn’t mean you must get repairs.

How Is an Estimate Determined?

There are a variety of factors that play into your estimate. For starters, the type of damage your vehicle has suffered determines the type of estimate you get. This means that a hail damage estimate will look different than a major collision estimate. Among other things, your estimate includes all loss-related damage that can be identified through an inspection. Your estimate also helps you understand what parts and labor are needed for you to get your vehicle back to its original condition.

Why Are Estimates Important?

Estimates protect you from overpaying for repairs and give you professional advice on your specific situation. Without an estimate, drivers may face overcharging by auto shops. It also educates drivers on whether they even need repairs or if their car is totaled. A damaged vehicle with an estimate that’s higher than what the vehicle is worth might not even be worth repairing. Without an estimate, it’s difficult to begin repairs before knowing just how much it will cost.

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