How Does Paintless Dent Repair Work for Your Car?

Finding the right dent repair company is a top priority following a car accident or hailstorm. The most effective dent treatment is paintless dent repair because it requires little body work and actually fixes the dent itself. Other dent repair techniques simply cover up the dent. Paintless dent repair can be a complicated process. In today’s blog post, Cox Collision explains how paintless dent repair is used to bring your vehicle to top condition. 

What Is Paintless Dent Repair?

Paintless dent repair removes dings and dents by applying moderate pressure rather than filling in dents with paint or filler. This method provides several benefits. For starters, it repairs the dent itself rather than merely filling it in with paint, hence the name paintless dent repair. So, it doesn’t just cover the dents. Secondly, it tends to be cheaper and less time-consuming than other dent repair services that require significant body and paintwork. Traditional dent repair takes far more time, and it can even impact your ability to sell the vehicle. 

What Does the Process Look Like?

Paintless dent repair starts with an assessment of the damage. The location and size of the dent will determine what repair it requires. Roughly 80% of dents can be repaired through paintless dent repair. A qualified assessment will determine if your dent is a good candidate for paintless repair. Next, the technician gains access to the dent, typically through the back end. The tech may temporarily remove headlights, tail lights, and other panels. After the tech has access, he or she applies slow pressure to the dent until it eventually pops out.

Is It a Long-Term Fix?

Compared to other dent repair techniques, paintless dent repair is the best long-term fix on the market. As noted, it isn’t a simple cover-up fix. It allows you to get rid of the dent while also retaining the vehicle’s value. It also prevents the need for repainting, and it keeps the car out of the shop for significant amounts of time. When you deal with the problem itself and remove the dent, the odds of further damage go down dramatically. 

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