Hail Damage Repair: Are You Covered by Insurance?

Unless you park your car in a garage or under a carport, the threat of hail damage is constant during severe weather season. Even if you have a garage, you can’t guarantee that you won’t be on the road when a hailstorm strikes. Many of us will encounter some form of hail damage and require hail damage repair for a vehicle. Cox Collision discusses your options when it comes to whether or not you will have to pay for hail damage repair out of your own pocket.

How Costly Is Hail Damage?

The cost of hail damage repair varies, depending on the severity of the damage and the shop you are working with. Some small dents can cost as little as $30 to $40. You can even repair these on your own at home. More significant repairs and serious damage can cost up to $2,500. Ultimately, the cost depends on the type of repairs you get. Paintless dent repair is a great way to lower some of that cost because it doesn’t require significant bodywork or paint. However, if your car goes through a major hailstorm without cover, you may face a hefty price tag. 

Is Hail Repair Covered by Insurance?

Auto insurance policies typically cover hail damage to a certain point. It depends on what coverage you have. The best protection from hail damage is to carry comprehensive coverage that protects against a laundry list of potential damages, including hail. However, liability or collision policies likely won’t cover hail damage repair. The only way to truly be protected from large out-of-pocket costs due to hail damage is to invest in comprehensive coverage. You still have to pay the deductible, but your insurance will cover the rest of the cost of repairs. 

How Can I Protect My Car from Future Hail Damage?

If you do not have a comprehensive auto insurance policy, you will want to take preventative steps to protect your vehicle from hail. The best way to protect against hail damage is to have a garage or carport. While many apartment complexes don’t have garages, many will provide some sort of covering. 


There are also several options if you get caught up in a hail storm on the road. The best option, if you are in a populated area, is to find cover. Think about a gas station that has a large roof over the gas pumps. If you’re on a highway, try finding an overpass and pull over to the side of the road. If all else fails, you still want to pull over on the side of the road to reduce the impact of the hail on your vehicle. The ice colliding with your car while it is in motion can increase the damage. Further, safely pulling over ensures you won’t get into a car accident due to the hailstorm.

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