What Are the Best Hail Damage Repair Options?

Hail damage can be a significant inconvenience for car owners. You had no idea a hailstorm would suddenly hit, and your car wasn’t in a garage or carport. Perhaps your home doesn’t have a covered parking area, and the hail storm did serious damage. If hail has caused damage to your vehicle, you need to find the right hail damage repair solution. 

Fixing dents in your car may be as easy as a do-it-yourself repair, but hail damage often requires professional dent repair. Today, Cox Collision discusses the best hail damage repair options for your vehicle, beginning with an assessment of the damage. 

How Severe Is the Damage?

From 2010 to 2015, hail damage represented 40% of all insured losses for vehicles. Not all hail damage is bad enough to warrant significant repairs, but serious hail can really do damage. The first thing to do after a hailstorm is assess the damage. Your vehicle needs immediate repair if your windshield is damaged or shattered. However, smaller dents on the roof, hood, and trunk may be cosmetic problems that you can continue to drive with. You can even repair some minor dents at home. 

Is Paintless Dent Repair Possible?

The best option for hail damage repair is paintless dent repair. Severe hail damage may result in major body repair that needs new paint. This type of repair can be very costly. Avoiding major body work should be a priority for you, whether you pay out-of-pocket or with insurance. Paintless dent removal can restore the body of your vehicle to its previous condition without new paint, saving you time and money. Paintless dent removal works on a variety of vehicles. Technicians can even use this repair technique on extensively damaged car bodies. However, to get the best results, this repair method should be used just on minor dents. 

What Are Some Other Options?

Traditional dent removal is the most common hail damage repair choice outside of paintless dent repair. With conventional dent repair, techs use paints and body fillers to fill in dents. The downside to this method is that it doesn’t actually fix the dent. This process simply fills it. It is also time-consuming and often more expensive than paintless dent repair. There are also do-it-yourself options. You can purchase tools to help pop dents back, but these tools have limits. They may not work well on larger dents. DIY tools don’t give you a quality repair job for most types of dents. 

Contact Cox Collision for Hail Damage Repair

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