What Constitutes Major Collision Repair?

If you are in a significant car accident, you may face daunting repair costs. The biggest question that most people ask when their vehicle has sustained major damage is whether or not the cost of repairs exceeds the value of the car. This question is easily answered when it comes to transmission replacements or engine failure. However, a major collision repair makes this answer a bit trickier. Cox Collision discusses what constitutes major collision repair. 

What Was Damaged?

Not all major collision repairs are equally expensive, even if your vehicle was in a significant accident. For example, your suspension system is one of the most expensive systems in your vehicle. Collision damage to one or multiple struts, shocks, or tie rods will likely cost more than a busted bumper. In fact, some collision repairs might look major but are actually minor. When it comes to collisions repairs, the price tag is what you want to keep in mind. Some damage might look bad but not be as expensive as you think. Meanwhile, others can seem minor but actually cost a lot of money. 

What Does Your Insurance Policy Say?

One easy way to define a major collision repair is to go to your insurance policy and see what it says. Your collision policy has an insurance limit. This limit is the maximum amount of money paid to you or your collision company in the event of collision damage to your vehicle. This is a pretty good gauge of the difference between minor and major collision repair. If your repair costs meet or exceed your insurance coverage, you’re obviously dealing with a significant repair. 

How Much Is Your Car Worth?

Everything is relative, including car repairs. A $2,000 repair on a $60,000 car doesn’t seem major. The same repair on a vehicle worth $2,000 is much more severe. Repairs that cost as much or more than the value of your car will result in the insurance company concluding that the car is “totaled.” If your vehicle is totaled as a result of a collision, you can assume it needs major collision repair. However, a simple fender bender could total your car if you own an older vehicle or a clunker. The value of your car plays a significant role in the nature of your repairs and the decision to repair at all. 

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