Why Choose Cox Collision for Collision Repair in Springfield, MO?

You have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a collision repair shop. However, not all repair shops are going to offer a combination of cost-effective work that’s also high quality. If you’re looking for collision repair in Springfield, MO, Cox Collision can provide you with the best service. But why should you choose Cox Collision? That’s the question we’ll be answering in today’s blog.

We Have Experience

When it comes to the quality of craftsmanship on your vehicle, you want your repair expert to have plenty of experience. Cox Collision has been serving the Springfield area since 1991, and we continue to offer the same level of high-quality service year after year. We make sure to staff our shop with the best mechanics and technicians around so you get the best result possible.

We Offer a Lifetime Warranty on Craftsmanship

You should never choose a collision repair shop that doesn’t offer a lifetime warranty. Not only does this open you up to having to pay for problems with your repair down the line, but it also shows that the repair shop has a lack of confidence in the longevity and quality of their work. Plus, your insurance is unlikely to cover anything if you don’t choose a shop with a lifetime warranty.

We Use Quality Materials

Here at Cox Collision, we pride ourselves on being cost-efficient, but that doesn’t mean cheap materials will be used for the repair. Although using the best materials can add to the repair cost, in the long run, it will cost you much more money to use cheap materials. We focus on providing high-quality repairs for our customers, and that means we use high-quality materials.

We Offer Loaner Vehicles

We know how important a vehicle is to everyday life. You need it to get to work, pick up kids, and everything else in between. That’s why we’re happy to offer our customers loaner vehicles they can use until their repair is complete. This way, you can continue your daily life, even when your car is in the shop.

We Care

Finally, at Cox Collision, we care about our customers. We live in the Springfield area too, and we want to help the members of our community get back on the road as soon as possible. We don’t want to squeeze extra money out of our customers. We want to give them the best and least stressful collision repair experience possible.

Contact Cox Collision Today

Here at Cox Collision, we don’t cut corners. We go the extra mile to make sure every repair job is the highest quality. We do everything from minor collision repair or major collision repair. Contact us today for more information or to schedule your appointment.